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2021 Trips

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Early Learning Centre Year 5 + 6

4 – 6 October 2017

Samut Songram


Day 1

School friends leave early, ready to learn!

At the farm ELC make all sorts of treats together with salt– ice lollies, skin scrubs and even eggs!

Living the farmer’s life is difficult we learn - so many tools, methods and ceremonies!

Teamwork is needed for the evening activity “Stepping Stones” – how would we get across the river, and what resources would we take?


Day 2

Healthy breakfast and shaking ourselves awake!

Out to Don Hoi Lot where there are crabs, jellyfish and mangroves aplenty!

Inspecting the sand we fish for (this afternoon’s) tasty treats.

Lots of activities at the school – from weaving roofs to chopping fruit!

Over at the resort we take time out to splash round in the pool!

Trying to dodge predators and fisherman when we play “Fish Ladders” – ELC know what it’s like to be catfish now!


Day 3

Sad that we only have a few hours with each other!

Up the palm tree on a bamboo ladder the sugar collector goes, once we arrive at Sugar Daddii!

Get the big whisk and mix the syrup!

All mouths watering as we get to pour (and taste!!) the mixture.

Riding back to school in the vans everyone is sleepy – but what fun we’ve had together!

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