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Bromsgrove International School, Y6


7-10  November, 2017

The Barge team welcomed thirty-five students from year 6 to explore Suphanburi. The expedition was focused on Thai culture and history and developing collaboration between participants and meaningful learning experiences. Together we explored traditional rice farming methods and developed a better understanding of the rice cycles. This activity was done in the Buffalo Village where the students also had the opportunity to ride buffalos and learn abut these amazing animals who for many years have been working closely with Thai people.

Students learned traditional Thai crafting with natural materials and created their own tie dye cloth. Several team building games were offered bringing the participants closer together while nurturing their communication and collaboration skills. During this field trip we focused in Thailand's unique culture exploring food, making traditional Thai snacks and harvesting water chestnuts.

Suphanburi also holds a beautiful aquarium which we visited for an afternoon and explored some of the advantages and disadvantages of such places. Children were able to practice their critical thinking skills and learn about marine species adaptations. Every night reflection was done to harvest insights and learning experiences.

During the entire field trip students were encouraged to challenge themselves. A visit to the historic Sam Chuk Market allowed them to push their risk taking skills as they  interviewed local community members according to the Sustainability Compass. On our last night we had a delicious jungle cooking session, where participants made their own fire and prepared and cooked the food. When the evening arrived we all set down to taste the beautiful food prepared by the children and sing happy birthday to four of our students.

Following dinner the students performed a talent show as part of an amazing campfire which was also filled with songs, games, and marshmallow cooking. What a fun night! Heading back to Bangkok, on our last morning, we stopped by the Temple Wat Pa Le Lai to listen to an ancient Thai love story. Students observed paintings and investigated more of Thai culture before heading back to School.

It was a pleasure working with Bromsgrove students and teachers and we hope to see you again next year!

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