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Bromsgrove International School, Year 4

Exploring Khao Yai Rainforest

8-10 November 2017

A group of twenty-one intrepid young explorers from Bromsgrove International School set out for their exciting trip to Khao Yai National Park and three days packed full of hiking trails and fun games.

The first hike of the trip took us to a grassland trail where the children became nature detectives, learning how to look for tracks and signs of the different animals.  Our beady-eyed explorers were quick to start finding all sorts of animal evidence - the tracks of a civet cat, trails in the long grass, and some elephant dung… but would we be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of any animals?

As luck would have it, one of the girls spotted something rather exciting from the vantage point of a raised hide. We had our first big wildlife sighting of the trip, a wild elephant! We sat quietly and watched it feeding on the long grass in the distance before heading back for dinner.

After dinner, all wrapped up warm in jackets and woolly hats, we went out to find more wildlife – this time we were looking for nocturnal creatures from the National Park’s Night Drive vehicles and the luck continued. Civet cats, porcupines, lots of deer, and a green viper were all spotted!

The following days saw the children immerse themselves even further into nature, challenging themselves on some tough terrain on not one, but two rainforest hikes. They learned about lots of plant and animal adaptations, and got to see lots more creatures, big and small.

This enthusiastic bunch absolutely loved playing all of the fun environment and forest-themed games – a particular highlight was the creative designs of their Forest Fashion Show outfits which caused giggles galore!

Well done Bromsgrove Year 4, what a fantastic bunch of adventurers. We hope to see you again next year!

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