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2021 Trips

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Y5 Harrow International School, Bangkok

13, 14, 15, 20 November, 2017

A day on the Barge

This week we welcomed Harrow Y5 onto the Barge so that they could see what they’d been learning in the classroom about the Chao Phraya for real. We learnt all about the Chao Phraya watershed and were very impressed to find out that some of the children already knew the names of four of the tributaries, Ping, Wang, Yom and Nan!

Hunting for macro invertebrates in water hyacinth proved to be the most popular activity, even though there was lots of shrieking whenever we found a crab! We then identified the macro invertebrates and used them to assess the water quality of the Chao Phraya.

After lunch we played a game that made us think about how we all use water and why it’s important that we all do our part to not to waste water.  A reflective story rounded off the day and left us thinking about how we need to take care of our environment so that the environment will take care of us.

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