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AISB Year 5

November 15 – 17, 2017

Khao Yai,

The  AISB Year 5 students had a truly memorable trip to Khao Yai in which they worked strongly together to ensure that they successfully learned a great deal from Thailand’s oldest national park.

Day 1:

Upon arriving to Khao Yai the students readily began their investigation into this truly special place through games and activities which showcased the wide array of adaptations the many flora and fauna of the park have. After lunch we set out for a first walk across the grasslands, while on route the students got a unique opportunity to observe a large herd of wild elephants cross the road in front of them before once again seeing the same herd grazing upon the grassland.

Day 2:

The second day of the adventure was a challenging one but the students found no difficulty in excelling at it.

The start of the day saw the students deeply immersed within the dense rainforest on a three hour hike along the Mor Singh Tor trail. This walk allowed the students to observe the many adaptations which the species, that call the rainforest home, possess.

Later in the day, the Children analysed their own values in regards to the conservation and protection of the natural world and Khao Yai in particular.

That evening the students cooked their own dinner, for many this was the first time cooking in their lives, yet they were more than capable at producing a delicious meal. We ended that night with a bat walk, using the ultrasound of the bats to detect their presence within the park.

Day 3:

The final day broke with the children using the culinary skills they learned the night before to make their own breakfast. After this we set of on a bird watching endeavor before navigating our way to a location where the students waded into a stream in search for macro invertebrates to assess the quality of the stream water within Khao Yai. This concluded the final day and the student departed Khao Yai with many fond memories, new skills and a better understanding of the natural world.

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