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Ascot International School Year 3

17 November 2017

Investigating the Chao Phraya

After being welcomed aboard and learning how to be safe on the water, Ascot students were introduced to the wonders of the Chao Phraya river! Their knowledge of river-features was put to the test as they helped draw the rivers of Thailand with our facilitators. Now confident with the new terms they had learned and surprised at what they already knew, Ascot built the entire Chao Phraya watershed themselves, using buckets, bowls and plastic sheets, labelling their 3D model from Doi Inthanon down to the Gulf of Thailand.

After thinking about the river itself, it was now time to think about what lives in it – which meant getting their hands dirty! Ascot helped recall the story of the ubiquitous water hyacinth and its journey to Thailand, and also that the plant is home to many tiny animals. The students used some tools and their hands to comb through the plants’ leaves and roots to find all sorts of creatures and were amazed at what they caught: crabs, shrimp and snails!

Once a nice, healthy lunch had been enjoyed by all, the class was allowed to relax and enjoy the story of the Giving River, read out by our facilitators. The students discussed the story, of a boy who took too much from a river.  That river suffered more and more as the years went on. The students  thought about how we can help use water sustainably in our day to day lives.

Our time on the river was over with some time to talk about what we had learned and all the different ways we relate to the Chao Phraya. Ascot year 3 thanked their crewmen and headed back to school!

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