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Keerapat International School, Bangkok

6 December 2017

Bang Pu

It was a pleasure to welcome forty students from Keerapat International School to investigate salt-resistant plants and the mangrove habitat of Bang Pu. Together we learned about plants and animals of the mangrove ecosystems and how they are adapted to live in the mangroves.

The Barge Program offered a range of activities that allowed the children to understand the importance of mangroves and how humans are impacting them. Students learned of the biodiversity of the mangroves; through bird watching, they learned about migratory species and the role of wetlands.

We divided everyone into four groups which rotated between different sites at the Bang Pu Nature and Education Center for a more in depth learning experience. We investigated man made sea defences, habitat fragmentation and wild life corridors. What a beautiful day we had with Keerapat students. We hope to see you again next year!

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