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Ruamrudee International School, G6

11 – 13 December 2017

Working Together and Exploring Khao Yai

After a long drive through the beautiful hills of Khao Yai, lots of activities were waiting for the excited students of RIS, G6 at their resort. The first day of adventure was about learning how to work as an effective team: by communicating with and helping each other the six groups worked through various challenges from an egg drop to the holey pipe game. The pupils thought about what made them good team members, how a successful team should operate and how they could improve in the future to be the best they can be!

Once nightfall came around RIS were introduced to the nocturnal life of Khao Yai through the games of ‘Bat and Moth’ and ‘Owl and Mice’, where the students felt what it was like to be an animal perfectly adapted to its habitat, and how people can learn from these animals.

On the second day our teams went straight in to the national park to experience what it is like to hike through environments filled with plant and animal life. They looked for the tracks and signs of wildlife on the grassland and learned the different clues animals can leave behind to tell you about their lives, and thought about how different species are affected by human activity and natural resources by taking part in various games.

Every group took a rainforest hike to immerse themselves in nature and see and hear the abundance of life there. Macaque monkeys, lots of bugs and even crocodiles and snakes were seen amongst the plentiful trees and vines of Khao Yai.

After a long day in the park our groups came together by the campfire under trees and starlight. With our Barge Team they played games and sang songs, and even performed sketches, dances and plays of their own! Much fun and laughter was had, topped off by roasting marshmallows over the fire.

Our final morning was filled with even more challenges as the six teams took part in The Amazing Race! With two hours to complete as many challenges as possible, including Khao Yai Pictionary and a scavenger hunt, our teams raced around the resort to gather as many points as possible. Winners were announced and a reflection on our trip was had, where RIS presented to their peers what their favourite parts of our adventures were, what they had learned about nature and teamwork, and how they had acted as a successful team. After all of this (and a spot of lunch) it was time to wave goodbye and head home.

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