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Bromsgrove International School, Year 8

12 – 16 February 2018

Exploring Chanthaburi : an interview

 How did the Chanthaburi trip begin?

  • Our exciting first activity was to get onto a ferry across to Koh Manai.  Once there we walked to a sala overlooking a beautiful bay, where we ate our lunch. 
  • At the turtle sanctuary we saw rescued turtles, which had been injured in fishing tackle, those kept for breeding and baby turtles being looked after so that they could be released into the sea at one year old.
  • We learned a lot about turtles and coral reefs - and the problems due to pollution, plastic, development and climate change. 
  • We helped clear some of the plastic trash from the beaches on our way back to the boat.
  • We then went snorkeling – fantastic to see fish and other reef animals in their natural habitat.

What did you do in the mangrove habitat?

  • We played fun team games and those which taught us about the need to conserve fish stocks if we want to keep fishing
  • Exploring the mangroves was really interesting and exciting – listening to snapping shrimps, seeing snakes wrapped round prop roots and learning how vital the mangroves are for protecting both land and sea as well as providing a safe area for young fish to grow and animals such as kingfishers to live.
  • In the evening we had great fun making ‘group sculptures’ using our bodies.

Did you participate in any service project?

  • On Wednesday we went to the Royal Project where we learned about their work with organic agriculture, which helps to reduce the poisons on the land and in the water sources.
  • We helped to plant long beans, prepare compost with rice husk, burnt rice husk and soil to transplant cuttings of land cress ( like water cress)
  • We then had a tour of the grounds and saw many different types of fruit and vegetables growing, all organic.

I hear you visited the rainforest too?

  • On Thursday, we went for a hike in the rainforest in Khao Kitchikut.  It was really interesting to see the different types of vines, huge trees and insects and frogs!!
  • Arriving in Khao Kitchikut, we were allocated tents on a beautiful site overlooking a lake with a waterfall on the hillside opposite.
  • We cooked our own dinners – delicious!!!
  • Sleeping in the tents was exciting.

Any last thoughts?

It was a fantastic trip – lots of different types of activities, something for everyone.  AND we realised that we have to help the environment by reducing our use of plastic – bags, straws and containers!!!

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