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International School Bangkok, G5 Chanthaburi

15-17, 17-19 January 2018

Welcome to Chanthaburi, the province of fresh seafood and delicious Thai fruits. Let’s see what activities we did on these three-day trips!

Day 1: We stayed at Sand and Sea Resort which has a beautiful sea view and long beach that allowed us to play a lot of fun beach games. The first place we visited was an aquarium where we learnt about adaptations of aquatic animals who can survive in salty water. After that we went to feed the fish at the Sea Farm Demonstration Centre - this place works like a hospital for aquatic animals such as sharks and turtles which are not well. The people here cure them and look after them. Moreover this farm helps the fishermen to preserve the crabs by getting the crab eggs from them and helping them to mature, so it will be a more sustainable food source for humans. We ended this day with the most wonderful sunset that we could see from our beautiful beach resort.

Day 2: We visited a mangrove forest in Krung Krabane Bay where we learnt about the animal species and many types of  trees that can grow in wetlands. Then we went to kayak in the bay where the weather was calm and so it was easy to kayak and just relax under the mangrove trees. We ended the second day with campfire where everyone created wonderful shows by themselves.

Day 3: We played fun games at the beach and used the  “5 C’s”  (Consideration, Communication, Conservation, Challenge and Cooperation) to develop ourselves and our team. We took time to relax on the beach and before the students went home we had time to pick up rubbish, play, and learn about saving our ocean.

Thank-you International School Bangkok for making this trip a fantastic time. We hope to meet you guys again soon!

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