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2021 Trips

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20 - 22 February 2018



Grade 4 History Hunters explore Ayutthaya,

Why was the Chao Phraya important, how has it changed?


Temple ruins, broken chedi’s, an elusive pair of white cows.


Exploring the ancient palace, missing Buddha, stolen gold,

now recovered and displayed, Ayutthaya’s riches.


Scavenger hunt, observational sketching,

creative writing inspired by the Burmese attacking,

Tell of the fall of Ayutthaya.


Investigating water usage.

The Venice of the East, global traders,


Fishing, washing, drinking, farming in 1351

Fishing, washing, drinking, farming , plus

factories, restaurants, hotels in 2018


Crystal clear river waters now run brown, polluted,

River Dolphins and Crocodiles gone

Replaced by floating plastic bags and bottles

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