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2021 Trips

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Brighton International College, Year 6

19 September 2018

Space Museum

Today students put their knowledge of the solar system to the test, revising all they had learned about the planets, moons, their orbits and their rotations, and how people have observed and used these bodies throughout history.

Arriving to Bangkok Science Centre for Education in the morning, we made our own sundials and observed how the shadows and the movement of the sun can help us measure time. Afterwards we explored the planetarium, using our discovery questions to learn about what can be found outside of earth and in to the galaxy. We also watched the planetariums show inside the dome, seeing constellations and identifying planets above our heads.

After some games to help us remember the order of the planets and how bodies in space interact with each other, we had time to have fun in the Science Centre, playing with magnets, electricity, time, chemistry, robotics and more!

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