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2021 Trips

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Australian International School Bangkok

November 5 – 7, 2018

Samut Songkram

Setting off on Monday morning and heading straight to the salt farm in Samut Songkram province south-west of Bangkok, our Year 5s and 6s were ready to learn about Thailand’s natural resources and how to use them sustainably. At the farm we practiced various uses of salt, including making salted eggs, spa scrubs and, most importantly, ice lollies! Our students toured the farm, learning about the different tools and religious ceremonies farmers are familiar with, and, despite the heat, managed to come up with some interesting questions of their own to investigate the life of the salt farmer.

We stayed at the lovely riverside resort of Baan Tai Had, which always provides a beautiful sunset when we go for a swim in the pool. We had fun playing games in the hall when evening came.

On our second day we adventured into the mangroves to acquaint ourselves with the weird and wonderful adaptations the plants and animals have there. We spotted mudskippers and went bird-watching by the sea, while teaching each other about the specialized trees and creatures as we walked along the mangrove boardwalk. In the afternoon we headed to Chu Chi, and local school where we used some of Thailand’s natural resources to make useful products. We used nippa palm leaves to weave roofs, coconut to cook a super yummy desert and dried the local delicacy hoi lot (razor clams) to prepare them for selling.

On our final day together we visited a local sugar plantation that works as a twelve family co-operative growing sugar palms to process into sugar, as well as loads of other organic products. Here we observed and took part in the process from start to finish, from collecting the nectar to stirring the mixture to making sugar cakes. We even got to taste and take-home some of the delicious products!

Overall our students had a wonderful time, and challenged themselves to learn a whole bunch of new things about resources and how to use them. See you next time AISB!

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