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2021 Trips

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Keerapat International School

15 November 2018

Bang Pu

One hundred students and staff from Keerapat International School (KPIS) met the Barge team at 9am at the entrance to Bang Pu Mangrove Forest. The objective of their trip was to investigate the importance of the mangroves, record species populations within the mangrove and help with mangrove restoration. Today was a day to forget about air conditioning, keeping clean and city life. In order to achieve their trip objectives the students needed to step out of their comfort zone and get down and dirty in the mud!!! The students stepped up to the challenge and embraced the conditions with great enthusiasm and excitement.

In order to record species population separate stations were set up around Bang Pu. The main species we focused on were birds in and around the bird hide, invertebrates on land and invertebrates in the mangrove substrate. The students were able to be scientists in the field for one day. The students caught, collected and recorded the species they found by running around with nets, digging and sieving in the mud and using pooters to suck up any invertebrates they found. These activities provided the students with raw data that they were able to take back to their school and use in future lessons.

Mangrove planting is always a popular activity. Mangrove planting gives the students a great chance to get in the mud, cool down and generally have fun all whilst making a positive and long lasting impression on the mangroves. This activity provides powerful feelings that fill students with a great sense of pride and gives them a connection forever to this important ecosystem.

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