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Ascot International School, Year 3

27,28 November 2018

Today was an exciting day for year 3 students from Ascot international School. Not only was it there first time on a barge for most but for many it was the first time they had even seen the Chao Phraya river. We spent the morning cruising up and down parts of Thailand’s longest river. The students got the chance to learn how we can use  creatures living in the water hyacinth, of which there is an abundance on the river, as a ‘bio indicator’ to test how clean the water is. The students also learnt about the origins of the Chao Phraya and the impact humans have on the river and saw for themselves the amount of human trash that is floating on the water. Ascot International School showed great enthusiasm and learnt a lot of information but most importantly everybody left with smiles.

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