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2021 Trips

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Berkley International School Bangkok, Year 5

29 - 30 November
Two days learning by the river began as our groups set off in different directions, one to explore the island of Ko Kret and it’s community, another on to the barge to observe the water.

Our group on Ko Kret used the four points on the Compass of Sustainability (Nature, Economy, Society and Well-Being) to investigate the people and places of the historic island, considering the resources they use. Meanwhile our other students sailed all day on the barge, heading north from a pier in Bangkok. On the boat, students tested the water quality by digging for bugs in water hyacinth plants; considered the tangled river food-webs and ecosystems; and re-created the Chao Phraya watershed from sheets, buckets and bowls, amongst many other activities relating to the use of water in our lives and the natural environment, as well as how we can affect it in both positive and negative ways.

In the evening our groups came together to take part in activities that traced water through the water cycle, as well as thinking about the importance of natural resources in ‘Stepping Stones’ - thankfully our students made it across the acid river, full of mutant monsters, saving their team and their resources!

Swapping activities on the second day before heading home, Berkley had worked hard to get closer as a community and realise water’s role in the world and how we can preserve it.

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