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Harrow International School

8-11 December 2018


We have just returned from an incredible few days in Ranong with Harrow International School Year 13 students. Not only were the students focused and wonderfully curious but the natural environment played along for us too!

The students needed to practise data collection techniques and a Bioblitz on the sea grass beds to assess water quality and therefore biodiversity, produced 3 octopus, a stingray and many different molluscs as well as four species of sea grass!

In addition students needed to use statistical analysis. The techniques we used included “Mark and Recapture” in the mangroves with crabs in order to use Lincoln Index calculations to assess
population sizes. As well as an invertebrate studies on the grasslands, setting up pitfall traps and using Simpsons Index to evidence biodiversity.

The students also worked on their own study planning, and then carrying out the data collection in the mangroves using line transects, so that Spearman’s Rank Correlation Coefficient could be used to assess the relationships between dependent and independent variables.

The location of this trip is superb and the staff at the research Centre were so helpful and knowledgeable that the students were pushed to think and assess every aspect of fieldwork. In addition, the teachers from Harrow were very supportive and encouraging going above and beyond to ensure students got the most out of the trip.

A massive thank you from the Barge staff to you all. To the students we would just like to say that with people as focused, curious and dedicated to your studies as you, we know that the environment is in safe hands!

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