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International School Bangkok Grade 1

20, 21, 22 November, 2018
Ko Kret : Pottery, Chedis and Crocodiles.


ISB Grade 1 joined us on Ko Kret for a day exploring the island, making pottery and learning about the history of Ko Kret and the culture of the Mon people who settled there. The day began with a ferry ride over to Ko Kret where the children enjoyed looking out at the Chao Phraya. Once on the island the group split up to do a rotation of pottery making, a visit to the pottery museum, map reading and a trip to the leaning chedi.

Pottery Making

The highlight of the trip for most of the children was getting to make their own Mon style pot at the pottery factory. At the factory the children also learnt about where the clay was sourced and got to see the kiln where pots have to be fired for three days and three nights.

Pottery Museum

At the pottery museum the children observed a wide array of Mon pots from intricately painted pots to water cooling pots and even some pots originally gifted to the king of Ayutthaya.

Map Reading

Grade 1 used the map reading skills they had recently learnt at the high school to create a key of the different locations we visited on Ko Kret and to help us find our way around.

Leaning Chedi

At the leaning chedi it was time for some history and the children learnt about how the island was formed in 1722 when the king of Ayutthaya ordered 10,000 men to dig a canal to create a shortcut from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. In 1757 the mon people were allowed to settle here after they had fled unrest in their country.  The legend of the magical crocodile who brought the mon people over from Pegu and now sleeps under the chedi, causing it to lean, particularly enchanted grade 1- some of the children even heard the crocodile as they tip toed round the chedi.

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