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2021 Trips

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St Andrews Samakee

9-11 January 2019


After a long journey to Kanchanaburi, we arrived at the famous Bridge over the River Kwai for our first history lesson and some sketching of the bridge. After lunch we explored the Jeath Museum, and were lucky enough to interview the curator of the museum. Pupils asked some excellent questions about where the artefacts had come from and why the museum had been set up in the first place.

Arriving at Tree Tara Resort it was time for some team-building games; parachute, gutterball and a rather wet holey pipe where most of the water ended up over the staff and pupils rather than in the pipe! This was followed by some free time in the lovely pool and playing on the sports field.

On day 2 we travelled to the Lawa caves via longtail boat. This was a hugely enjoyable ride for all the pupils and during the forty-five minute journey we saw egrets, kingfishers and ancient waterfalls. After exploring the Lawa caves and seeing the beautiful formations of the stalactites and stalagmites, we travelled onwards to Hell Fire Pass. After visiting the newly re-opened Hell Fire Pass museum we went for a walk through Hell Fire Pass. After a hard walk at Lawa caves some of the pupils found the walk a little of a struggle! This helped them envisage the hardship and atrocities the Prisoners of War faced whilst working on the cutting, and this creativity was channeled into their poetry writing, with some excellent poems being written.

It was campfire time this evening, and the pupils all took to this with gusto. After some games and songs by barge staff many of the pupils volunteered to lead activities too. We had dancing, games, and an excellent rendition of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ by the Forces Sweetheart Vera Lynn.

Our final day in Kanchanaburi started with a tribal mapping activity, where pupils explored different groups who colonized Kanchanaburi province. We then travelled to the Thailand Burma Railway Centre where pupils explored further about Thailand’s role in World War II, and got to see artefacts left behind by the Prisoners of War.  This was followed by a poignant visit to the cemetery to see where some of the Prisoners of War had been laid to rest.

After our final reflection and lunch we headed back to Bangkok and said goodbye.

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