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KIS Grade 4

20 – 22 February 2019


Arriving at the historical Fort Pom Phet before lunchtime, Grade 4 started their Ayutthayan adventure by observing the river and comparing its uses today to those in the 14th – 16th centuries. This week the students would explore how the past shaped the world we live in, and how Thailand developed its strong cultural identity – and the role the Chao Phraya played in all of this.

After lunch our students visited the Japanese Village, one of the many old settlements dating back to when Thailand was a hub for traders and thinkers from all over the world. Here they learned how these cultures meshed and created group presentations to tell stories of the important people, trade items and events of this time period.

Before dinner G4 experienced what it was like to be an archeologist, digging for artefacts and learning the skills required to build an image of the past. After some team games in the evening (including the infamous Stepping Stones where our students had to cross a toxic river and save each other and their natural resources!) KIS were ready to rest and ready themselves for day two of exploration.

In the morning we headed straight to Wat Phra Sri Sanphet where we found archaeological evidence for the temples' uses and stories. This involved a photo challenge between the crumbling walls and Buddha’s of the old temple. Afterwards G4 headed to the nearby market to gawk at the assortment of handcrafted items and Thai snacks! Next we heard the stories of some of Ayutthaya’s most important artefacts at the gold museum and wrote our own stories imagining ourselves in the world of Ayutthaya. To end the day we headed to Wat Chai Wattanaram to paint in watercolour and learn about the final days of the kingdom.

On the final day of our trip together we spent the morning at the Ayutthaya Historical Institute where we watched some amazing Thai dances, and even got a chance to get up and party ourselves! Then we took part in other traditional Thai activities, including making roti sai mai, pottery and reed fish making, all of which we got to take home with us.

Finally we headed home after three days of cultural fun! Thank you to KIS G4 for a wonderful time!

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