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Regent’s International School, Bangkok Y4

13-15 February 2019

Khao Yai

We were joined in Khao Yai by year 4 students from Regent’s International School Bangkok. As we entered through the gates of the National Park the atmosphere changed from restlessness to excitement. Students kept a careful watch through the windows of the van for any signs of wildlife. This excitement continued after we had checked into our rooms and began our first activities in two separate groups.

Our first afternoon saw us explore the grassland habitat looking for tracks and signs of animals and it didn’t disappoint, students were lucky enough to find lots of evidence of bears that had been using the area, although the bears themselves remained safely out of sight. We managed to fit in an additional game relating to the fluctuating predator-prey populations in a national park, before dinner. Our evening activities had students pretending to be bats and moths and learning how to stealthily catch predators.

After breakfast, students were ready to begin another day of activities. In our groups, we rotated between a hike through the forest and exploring the use of bio-indicators. The forest hike allowed students to use their identification skills learned the previous day. To explore the use of bio-indicators we focused on macro-invertebrates in a river habitat and lichens in a forest habitat. Students enjoyed searching for, and identifying species and interpreting what these species tell us about the health of the environment. Before the day’s activities came to a close we enjoyed a night safari during which a civet, a mouse deer, sambar deer and porcupines were spotted.

Our third and final day was short and sweet before heading back to Bangkok. With their new-found knowledge about human impacts on habitat and armed with bin bags and tongs the students completed an extremely successful litter pick around our accommodation. With two large bags of rubbish, all of our staff were extremely impressed by the commitment of the children to improve their environment. Lastly, we took a short walk through forest habitat focusing on plant adaptations before finishing at the souvenir shop.

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