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2021 Trips

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Early Learning Centre, Year 4

Khao Yai

In the early morning, we drove nine very excited but incredibly well behaved  ELC, Y4 students to Khao Yai. We were so lucky to have many real world educational opportunities. For example, immediately upon our arrival there was a gibbon using unusual calls to locate its family and a giant black squirrel breaking branches. This was a perfect introduction to our trip theme of Nature Detectives. Although we didn't see any wildlife on our grassland hike, we saw elephant footprints and perfected our skills of identifying tracks and signs. That night, on our night safari, we found even more animals; civets, porcupines and even a slow loris!!

The next morning on our jungle hike, we found another family of gibbons and yet more signs of the local wildlife, claw marks from an asiatic black bear on a tree!

Even on a short trip of only two days, we still observed many animals’ behaviour and played many games relating to animals and ecology.

I believe it was an unforgettable and amazing trip for not only the students but also the Barge staff as the students were a joy to work with.

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