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2021 Trips

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Harrow Year 5

Barge trips Nov 5 - 8 2018

The barge staff met the students and teachers from Harrow at 9.30am ready for a day of activities to learn about the Chao Phraya watershed. As we travelled up the Chao Phraya on the barge groups of students identified the key sites within the Chao Phraya watershed and created their very own version onboard the barge. We also established how the river water was used, e.g. for fishing, or for travelling.

Students also identified macro-invertebrates living within the water hyacinth which can be seen on the river throughout Bangkok. Species identified ranged from leeches to crabs and shrimp to snails. Although some of the pupils were initially reluctant to get their hands dirty, everyone embraced the challenging by the end.

After lunch students discovered how land-use affects the river and its inhabitants by designing plots of land and identifying sources of pollution. Whilst some sources of pollution were a surprising, all the students agreed that it was a shared responsibility to reduce pollution and keep the river clean.

By the time the barge returned home a transformation had taken place and the Harrow pupils were keenly aware of the importance of the Chao Phraya watershed within Thailand and were determined to limit their impacts by reducing their plastic waste among other methods.

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