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Nord Anglia International School Year 6, Hong Kong

18 -​ 22 February, 2019



It was another busy week for the students of Nord Anglia Hong Kong as they travelled to Thailand to explore Kanchanaburi Province. A day of WW2 History, an elephant service project day and a Maximum Fun!!! team building and games day awaited upon arrival.

WW2 History and role of POWs was explored at the Thai Burma Railway Centre and at Donrak Cemetery students considered the wider impacts of war, on the soldiers their families and communities across the many countries affected. A walk across the bridge over the River Kwae gave a closer look at some of the damage caused when the bridge was bombed by the allied forces. Finishing the day at the Hellfire Pass Museum and railway cutting students listened to a diary extract from one of the Australian POWS before writing their own creative pieces.

Young elephants prefer sweet food like fruits, while older elephants have a more savory palate.

At Elephant World students worked for the elephants, providing a delicious mid-morning snack of bananas and pineapple before heading off to cook lunch for the older elephants. After learning that elephants only have six sets of teeth which they often lose at around sixty years old, the students were eager to help cook the sticky rice and banana mash needed to make a soft palatable meal for the parks oldest residents, who are still going strong at 80+ years old.

Students working hard to make banana and sticky rice for the elderly elephants who have lost their final set of teeth.

A recipe for elephant mash- to feed your elderly elephants

Finely chop green banana (or pumpkin)

Add to pan to begin cooking. Then add sticky rice

Cook fruit and sticky rice until water has been absorbed

Mix with wooden paddles to ensure the mixture is evenly cooked and to stop the mixture burning or sticking to the pan. Mixture is ready once the rice and banana is soft.

Take off the heat and leave to cool

Once cool mix with special elephant pellets to add extra nutrients and vitamins

Finally roll the mixture in fibre powder

Serve to your hungry elephants!

Maximum Fun Day involved a number of stations, including natural tie dye, popcorn making, holey pipe, an egg and spoon relay, doughnut on a string and the grand finale, the Total Wipeout course!!! A day where teamwork and communication were the key, the students worked hard and laughed lots while undertaking the many challenges set them. The evening was topped off with some excellent campfire performances by students (and teachers) even inspiring some students to write original songs and sketches.

Even the Teachers and Barge staff braved the wipeout course! 

Teachers at campfire before a marshmallow treat

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