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2021 Trips

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Rattanaburi English Program

11 – 13 March, 2019


What a fun week we had with Rattanaburi students, coming all the way from Surin! Our aim this week was to practice our English skills while learning about the natural world and the importance of our mangrove and marine habitats, and the students arrived prepared heading straight to the Kung Krabane Bay Aquarium to begin learning about the animals of Thailand’s seas. Afterwards we walked down the beach to our resort where we collected litter to clean up the area, as well as doing a scavenger hunt for interesting items on the beach.

With time to play on the beach we built sandcastles and swam in the ocean before playing Turtle Hurdle where we learned about the life-cycle of turtles and got to run around on the sand! With a final reflection and revision of what we learned that day, we headed back to bed for some rest.

Day two began with considering the lives of local fishermen and the problems they face. We played Commons Dilemma where each student got to control their own little village and sell fish to the market, before heading to the real village where we interviewed the local people about their lives. Next we walked through the mangrove forests, observing the plants and animals found here and how they have adapted to such a unique environment between land and sea.

Finally after more free-time on the sand we had a campfire at the resort where our talented students performed songs and dances for each other as well as taking part in games run by the Barge staff and, of course, roasting some marshmallows.

On our final day we went to the Chanthaburi Maritime Museum where we learned about Thailand’s rich history and relationship with the oceans. We concluded by presenting to each other about what we had learned that week.

We said our final goodbyes after lunch, ready for our long journey home. Thank you to all students at Rattanaburi – we had a wonderful week with such fun, talented students!

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