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Ruamradee International School

14, 15, 16 May 2019

Barge Trip

Three groups of Grade 5 students from Ruamradee International School joined us for a day on the barge exploring the features of the Chao Phraya River and the influences humans and pollution have on the river environment.

The day started off with observations of the river, before exploring the negative impact humans have on river ecosystems through an interactive game. In order to assess the quality of the water students undertook biological and chemical testing. Students participated in a study of macro-invertebrates, hunting through water hyacinth plants to collect, draw and identify different species.

This was followed by chemical analysis of the river assessing the following parameters; phosphates, nitrates, dissolved oxygen, pH, temperature, turbidity and total dissolved solids. 
Results varied over the three days, but on average the water of the Chao Phraya was deemed to be dirty, supporting the original conclusions made during river observations.

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