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2021 Trips

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Samsen Wittayalai , M2

Despite it being early morning and the weekend, Samsen M2 jumped straight in to our activities in order to learn about the Chao Phraya River and how plants, people and animals all use it. 
First up was River Observations where we spent time on the barge watching the world go by, studying what can be found on and at the side of the river, who uses the water and why. Next we thought about the Chao Phraya Watershed as a whole, from its humble beginnings as smaller rivers in the north of Thailand, down through the provinces and cities where it’s used and out in to the Gulf of Thailand. Samsen created their own map of the watershed using sheets, bowls, boxes and cups, and identified all the key geographical features.

Our students then considered the ubiquitous water hyacinth, creating stories and dramas about where it came from and what it does. After learning the true story we  searched for tiny creatures that live inside the plant, like crabs, snails and shrimp, collected them and found out how they tell us about the waters’ quality. We put this water quality to the true test by using our field science kits, testing for various chemicals (such as phosphates and nitrates) as well features like PH and temperature. We found our answers in different groups and collated the data to determine how polluted the Chao Phraya may be.

In the afternoon our boat had finally pulled up at the pier, and it was time to say good-bye to our group of new scientists – Samsen M2!

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