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2021 Trips

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International School Bangkok

December 2, 3, 4 2019

Ko Kret

The barge team have been busy on three separate day trips taking the grade 1 students from International School Bangkok (ISB) to Ko Kret. They spent the day learning about how the island was created, the Mon people who inhabit the island and the pottery they are famous for creating.

The day started and ended with a short ferry ride across the river.

All the children then got an introduction to the Mon legend about why they travelled to Ko Kret. The legend tells of their travel to safety from Myanmar, aboard a giant crocodile! The legend goes on to say that the crocodile then crawled under the Chedi and this is the reason it leans to the side. The children had a good hunt for any signs of the crocodile.

The students also learnt about the pottery the Mon people are famous for. They had a go and making their own pot on the pottery wheel and got to check out the kiln and mixing machine in the factory.

The clay wasn’t always mixed by machine so the students got to learn about the traditional method – Buffalo. The buffalo used to mix clay, sand and water together by stamping. All the students got to have a go at pretending to do the mixing with the Barge Buffalo head.

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