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2021 Trips

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International School of Bangkok, G4

25 -26  November 2019

Water in Khao Yai: An Adventure!

Escaping the heat of Bangkok and embracing the wind with 120 students at Khao Yai National Park was only the beginning of this fortunate adventure. We learned all about water and how it interacts with jungle and grassland habitats, carving the land and keeping the ecosystem alive - and how the plants and animals have adapted to survive.

We became scientists paddling in  Lam Takhong River, identifying invertebrates to assess water quality and macro diversity.

Challenging hikes through wild jungle and grasslands had us discovering the wonders of Thailand’s wildlife – naughty macaques, monitor lizards, snakes, gibbons, hornbills and butterflies.

A night safari of a lifetime left us speechless with wildlife encounters at every turn – elephants, samba and barking deer, jackals, porcupines and civets; whilst being lit by the beautiful glittering stars above.

We found out how vital and powerful water is to our natural world through reservoirs, rivers, streams, waterfalls and rain. We discussed how we use water every day which led us to decide how we can make changes in our lives to preserve this life source.

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