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2021 Trips

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Keerapat International School

16 October – 18 October 2019

Samae San

One hundred staff and students from Keerapat International School (KPIS) met the barge team in south-east Thailand. Their trip objectives were to observe and discuss human impacts on marine environments, consider plant and animal adaptations, participate in teambuilding games, and to ultimately have fun!

Day 1 of activities was all about getting wet. The day started off with a boat ride over to Samae San island where we split into our groups ready to begin activities. We explored the mangroves and learnt how important they are for protecting shorelines from damaging storms, waves, and floods. We then explored the rock pools to see what creatures we could find living on the rocky shore. Next we did a beach scavenger hunt discovering many different things on the beach and discussing how they got here. Students got so involved in helping us to clean the beach and we picked up lots of trash to protect our oceans!

After lunch we had some fun running around on the beach playing some games, learning about the struggles turtles face in the wild. And then to cool off we enjoyed some snorkeling, discovering lots of marine life and students even helped pick up trash while they swam!

Day 2 of activities began with a walk around the Thai Natural History Museum. Students were split into groups and given a topic to research and present however they wanted, in a song, rap, play or presentation. They got very creative and we saw some amazing presentations!

After the museum we went to the turtle conservation centre where we watched a short video to learn about the turtles found in Thailand, the problems they face, and how the centre helps to protect them. After asking some questions we got the chance to observe some turtles and create an ethogram of their behaviours.

We had a fun couple of days and students worked really well together and got super involved in all the activities! Thank you from all of us barge staff, we hope to see you again soon!

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