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2021 Trips

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Prem International School

November 26-29 2019


The grade 7 students from PREM School headed to Sukothai province for a busy four day trip. Sukothai province holds the ancient capital of Thailand. The students got straight off the buses and we hired bikes to travel around the Sukothai historical park. We investigated the different temples and discussed the varying architecture styles and the history of Sukothai.

The following day half the group visited a local Thai school. They helped to support the school by mixing concrete and making a path and doing some planting. They then played games with the children and taught them some English. We then took part in a traditional Bai Sii ceremony with a community elder.

The other half of the group were trying out local crafts. They tried pottery making after exploring the kiln museum, they learnt about silver jewelry making and got to paint their own ring and tried out traditional weaving on a loom.

The next day the two groups changed round so they all got a chance to do the crafts and volunteer at the school. The final day we took part in a scavenger hunt around the main temples in the Si Satchanalai historical parks, again on bikes. The groups had puzzle pieces to find around the temples that held facts about the temples which they shared with the rest of the group.

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