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2021 Trips

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Wellington College Bangkok, Y4

12 – 15 November, 2019


Starting our beachside residential with an informative visit to the aquarium, where students saw an array of marine species while looking at the benefits and disadvantages of such organisations.

A shark feeding session at the sea farm demonstration unit allowed students to understand the importance of sustainable farming and the fish trade in Thailand! Our students enjoyed feeding the different species of fish and sharks up close and viewing the thousands of crab babies kept at the unit for conservation.

Day 2 adventures included a community service project where our 4th graders helped paint outdoor play equipment for a local Thai school, plant morning glory in the school garden, and create Krathongs to release in the evening! Lots of new skills developed, and new friends made this trip.

A busy week calls for a long and peaceful kayak around the mangroves, learning about the importance of mangrove forests in coastal ecosystems and identifying some beautiful creatures such as mudskippers, crabs, and kingfishers!

Year 4 did some investigating and exploring around the Maritime Museum, uncovering the important history of Chanthaburi and its role in the economy of Thailand today.

Day 4 ended with an inquisitive morning at a local fishing village, interviewing local people and investigating the impacts of fishing life on the locals. Finally, we enjoyed some classic Thai literature and poetry before lunch and a speedy ride back to Bangkok!

Each day ended with free time on the beach, lots of fun team building activities and games to encourage communication, co-operation, and critical thinking. Barge staff had a lovely week of exploring and playing with Wellington College pupils, who enjoyed new experiences and learned lots of fun facts about their environment.

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