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2020 Trips

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St Andrews 107, Year 7

6 – 10 January 2020


Working with the Barge program St Andrews 107 students set out to explore marine environments in Chanthaburi by snorkelling, visiting a turtle sanctuary on Koh Manai Island and understanding the biodiversity of mangroves by kayak.

What a fun-filled, educational and busy week we had! We started with our first day on Koh Mannai Island where we discovered sea urchins, beautiful corals, anemones, giant clams, sea cucumbers and a variety of different fish species. We then learnt all about the turtle conservation project, first created by Her Majesty the Queen Sirikit in 1979 for the protection and rehabilitation of turtle species in Thailand. The following day the students used the information they had learnt, as well as implementing their creative skills to teach local school children at Moodood School. Here we also planted morning glory, as well as painting a colourful pathway within the school.

We saw excellent teamwork and communication skills develop over the week through camp cooking, beach clean-up, evening activities, kayaking and to end the trip, a very successful sandcastle competition.

The students visited Kung Krabane Aquarium and Sea Farming Demonstration Unit where we discussed the animal’s adaptations, as well as learning about the interesting conservation projects that are taking place in the area, such as mangrove restoration, animal rehabilitation, oyster and mussel farming as filters and sustainable blue swimming crab farming.

To end the trip, we interviewed local fisherman and investigated the sustainability of the community. At the mangrove boardwalk we spotted the blue-collared kingfisher, sea eagles, fiddler crabs and mudskippers (hiding in the mud/roots). There was no better way to understand the amazing adaptations of mangrove trees, other than kayaking through the forest. The students did extremely well and everyone made it through the longer route. Well done team!

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