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2020 Trips

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Brighton  International College, Year 5 

8 – 10  January 2020

Samut Songkhram

Exploring Natural Resources and Management in Samut Songkhram

Off the bus from Bangkok to Samut Songkhram first stop was the salt farm. Brighton College loved walking along the paths looking at the different stages of salt farming. It was a fun morning making ice lollies, salted eggs, and a salt scrub. They learned all about the importance of salt and its different uses. 
After all these activities we learned about how plants living along the salt farm are adapted to these salty conditions. As well as how culture plays an important role in farming.

Next we returned to the resort which was next to the river, and so we did a river observation and learned about all the uses the river has. Students explored what people were doing along the river, the buildings they could see, any animals they saw and what they could see floating on the river.

Finally, to end the day we had a fun teambuilding game of stepping stones. Students had to get their team from one side to the other avoiding the mutant crocodiles wanting to steal their stepping stones!

Day 2 we woke up bright and early for another fun day of activities! The morning started with some community service, students got stuck in doing a litter pick in the mangroves. It was great to see them so eager to protect our natural spaces, and they did an amazing job and picked up so much litter! After this we planted some more mangrove trees.

After doing their bit for the planet we travelled to the hoi lot fishing village and learned about farming techniques, followed by asking locals questions that fit in with the compass of sustainability points (nature, economy, society, and wellbeing). This enabled us to see the whole picture of sustainability for the village. We then placed all 17 sustainable development goals into the compass and talked about how they fit in with the village.

After exploring the village we visited the local primary school where students got a chance to try out a variety of different activities: hoi lot drying, making nipa sweets, coconut sweets, and nipa weaving. The nipa weaving was definitely the hardest, but some students were experts by the end! We then ended the day playing some group games with the school, it was great seeing everyone interact with one another.

Day 3, was the final day so we ended by doing something sweet. A trip to the sugar farm was in order, we learned about how they organically farm sugar, and followed the process from harvesting the sugar right to the end product. Students had a go at mixing the sugar and making it into sugar cakes!

With sticky hands and full of sugar it was sadly time to return home. We had such a fun three days and it was sad to say goodbye.

Thank you Brighton, we hope to see you soon!

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