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2020 Trips

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Bromsgrove International School

27 – 31 January 2020

Khao Yai

What a fantastic five day trip! The year 5’s from Bromsgrove International School had a great time at Khao Yai National Park where the students were able to spend time in nature and experience new things.

First of all, student carried out an arthropod investigation and learned how to find them using a beating tray they then collected many different species of arthropod from a number of trees. In the afternoon students explored the grassland and became researchers by recording  the tracks and signs that animals had left behind.

On day two we went hiking along the Pa kluay mai trail, student heard the great calls from Gibbons and were able to see two giant squirrels as well as a water snake.  In the afternoon, we carried out a Macro-Invertebrate Investigation to check the quality of water within an important Khao Yai stream.

Finally, at night time we had so much fun with campfire and some cool dancing from the students.

On day three we visited Ban Prangkla School to carry out some community service. We started with an icebreaker game to make new friends. Our service for the school was painting a wall, some tree pots and managing the sand at playground. We then spent free time with students from school and used flash cards to teach English language conversation.

We started in the early morning with fun activities such as rubbish timeline and we had great discussions about how long our waste takes to biodegrade. We made Eco bricks as one solution on how to reduce our plastic waste. We ended the day with a bat themed evening.

We discovered how bats use echolocation, a true or false game about bats whilst we waited for a stream of bats to come out from the cave mouth and observe birds of prey waiting outside the cave for a feast.

And then, we were gifted with a view of 2 million amazing wrinkle lipped Bats streaming out of the cave like a river to begin their nightly feast within the 10km area.

Nearing the end of the trip we still faced some more fun challenges such as setting up our tents at Lamtaklong campsite, making popcorn by using candles, walking to Haew Suwat Waterfall and camp cooking. However, we could not end this day without night safari. Students got a good chance to see porcupine, civet, sambar deer and golden jackals.

We finished our trip after cooking our own breakfast and bringing down our tents. Before we left the national park, students shared what their favorite part of the trip was. They loved hiking, popcorn making, Bat activities and cooking the most.

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