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2020 Trips

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International School Bangkok, G4

11 – 14, 18 -19 February 2020

It has been a wonderful week with International School Bangkok (ISB). All the students were excited to be on the barge! We played a wave game to learn everyone’s name and enjoyed some hot chocolate before the activities started.

In the first activity, every student tried to get the best position for river observations. The students observed the river colour, different types of boats, animals and what people did around the river.

We played a game “Ping, Wang, Yom, Nam” to familiarize students with river names before we started the “Create a Watershed” activity.

We learnt about the Chao Phraya river source, river geography (tributaries, confluence, meander) and the provinces on the Chao Phraya watershed.

Finally, the students created their own model and saw how the watershed is formed.

Before lunch, we did the water hyacinth investigation. We found little invertebrates from the water hyacinth and recorded them by drawing and identifying the species. Finally, we used this information to calculate the water quality of Chao Phraya River. As they had done the same activity in Khao Yai National Park, we discussed the differences between Bangkok and Khao Yai and the reasons.

After the lunch break, we started the “Watershed Puzzle” activity.

Student worked in little groups and drew their dream lands beside the river. Afterwards, we talked about the environmental impact from their lands. When they saw how dirty the water became, it started a discussion about how to improve the problems.

The boat got back to the pier so it was time to say goodbye. We all had a great time. Hope to see them again in other trips in the future!

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