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2021 Trips

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Regents International School Pattaya Year 4

26 – 28 February 2020

Khao Yai

This incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its mountainous landscape and abundant wildlife, and we were lucky enough to spot deer, porcupines, a golden jackal, a fox, a civet, gibbons, horn bills and an eagle.

The children engaged in a huge variety of activities: including rainforest hikes to explore the animals and plants that can be found in rainforests; grassland walks with a focus on identifying animal tracks and droppings; a visit to Huaw Sawat Waterfall to support their creative writing whilst on the trip; a night safari to observe the nocturnal activity of the animals that can be found in Khao Yai; and games and tasks to develop their social interaction skills.

The highlight was the gibbons following us through-out the trip, we saw them swinging in the trees as we finished up breakfast, and then when we crossed the suspension bridge into the Kong Kaew, we saw six gibbons, including a baby gibbon clinging on!

The students finished the three days eager to share everything they learnt about protecting the rainforest, as well as stories of all their adventures.

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