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2021 Trips

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Early Learning Centre Y5-Y6

Ko Kret Community Service

4 November 2020

A wonderful start for Traidhos Barge Program, with our first trip of this new term! We met all the participants at Wat Sa Nam Temple. There were many familiar faces from previous trips with Barge Program over the years. We started off by introducing Ko Kret’s history and some safety before getting a boat across the river.

Once everyone got life jackets, we headed to Ko Kret and started our exploration with four groups using the sustainable compass points, Nature, Economy, Society and Well-being.

We visited a Mon temple, the leaning chedi, a pottery museum and a pottery factory to better understand the lifestyle and culture of this lovely Ko Kret community.

From what we observed, we thought that the community of Ko Kret is making many sustainable choices, from pottery cups to recycling bins.

After lunch, we went to Wat Polamai School, which was our highlight of the day! ELC students prepared a game ‘Evolution’ to play with Wat Polamai Students. It was a good warm up before we started to split into groups. This time we used animals’ names (in Thai and in English) to play a game ‘Earthquake’.

Liter Pick time!!!

There were six groups and each group took care of different sections around the school and local community. All the students were very energetic and motivated with this clean up, and displayed excellent teamwork to clean some difficult areas.

At the end, we looked at how long some the rubbish we collected would take to decompose. ELC students handed over some snacks to students from Wat Polamai School to thank them for this wonderful experience.

It was a great opportunity for everyone involved.

Traidhos Barge Program hopes to see you again!

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