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2021 Trips

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Early Learning Centre, Year 3

12 November 2020

Bang Kachao

ELC year 3 had an escape to nature, with a day trip to Bang Kachao, focusing on camouflage and adaptations to bring some of their in school topics outside of the classroom. They began the day with a scavenger hunt, looking at some of the patterns in nature. We also got to explore the wilder side of the park, spotting some mangroves, plenty of water monitors and a giant bee hive! The students discovered the snapdragon root seeds, and became very excited to watch them pop in the water. And that was just one of the methods of seed disperal we discovered in an action packed day. The day finished off with some peaceful watercolour by the lake, and quick camouflage game.

Final summary from the students "This was the best day. I want to live here"

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