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2021 Trips

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ELC Year 1

13 November 2020

A Chao Phraya River Adventure

The students may have been young, but they embraced boat life, giving as much enthusiasm to spotting flags and birds along the river as they did to washing up their own plates and sweeping the floor. They contributed lots of good ideas for preventing river pollution, and learnt all about how the macroinvertebrates can tell us how clean the water is. Although each group brought different experiences (and hunger levels!) they all took away the message that we need to take responsibility for our rivers.

To summarise this fantastic trip, I will draw from one of ELC’s enthusiastic teachers, “For this age, it’s so valuable to go on this first ever trip without the children’s families. Going out of our comfort zone but doing something so fun/interesting. The aspects of environmentalism and Thai culture are very valuable too”.

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