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2021 Trips

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Green Lung Day Camp

21 October 2020

Traidhos Barge Program ran a morning of environmental themed activities in the Green Lung of Bangkok to explore nature close to the city. The children were all very excited and enthusiastic, showing up with their own binoculars and magnifying glasses ready to learn. After an animal themed name game we created art pieces with natural materials such as twigs, leaves and flowers. Whilst collecting our materials we discovered termite mounds and lichens. Next up we moved from the park floor to the treetops and enjoyed some bird watching. To better understand how so many birds can live in the same space we looked at beak adaptations and how different beak shapes are better suited to different food sources. The day ended with a running activity to investigate the importance of trees for rainwater absorption and how trees impact the speed at which water runs off our land. Fun was had by all!

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