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2021 Trips

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Rising Star, China

Investigating Biodiversity in the South of Thailand

1 - 14 July 2019


Memories start as you get on the plane farewelling the places that you have got to know during your trip. What amazing memories the Rising Star students took with them.

Memories of crab eating macaque in the mangroves, and dusky langur at the edge of the forest; memories of a forest owl caught in the torchlight and giant sea cucumbers on the rocky shore; the sounds and smells of bats from the limestone caves and the calling of gibbons over the canopy.

Memories of fishermen and their traps, rubber tappers and their knives, weavers, kite makers, soap producers and  batik artisans.

The exploration of biodiversity took us to so many places and as our understanding grew, so too did the appreciation of how all these parts are connected. The south of Thailand is an amazing classroom!

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