Traidhos Three-Generation
Barge Program

Bangkok - Thailand

Trip Reports.

Each year we welcome over 2,500 students and staff from schools worldwide.

2013 Trips

Chiang Mai (9 - 16 December)

As the morning sun filled the amphitheater, students recalled their favourite moments after a week of teamwork and exploring northern Thailand. For some it was raft building, or the low ropes or spider's web challenges, for others the...

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Ranong Trip (2-5 December 2013)

This month Year 13 from Harrow International School joined us in the beautiful Ranong for their annual fieldwork trip. The trip aimed to explore many different coastal ecosystems from rocky shorelines to ever changing estuaries, using...

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Students from ELC traced the journey made by Chinese immigrants at the start of the Ratanakosin Period when they left Southern China to escape famine, embarking on a dangerous sea voyage and arriving at Sampeng on the banks of the Chao Phraya River to start their new lives.


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Melbourne Graduate School of Education (10 October 2013)

The University of Melbourne

As part of Traidhos Three-Generation Community of Learning's partnership with Melbourne Graduate School of Education, a group of graduate student...

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Year 6 Kanchanaburi Trip (15 – 17 May 2013)

We are always happy to welcome repeat clients. The barge teaching team was very happy to be working again with the Y6 staff and students from Regents International School, Pattaya, who had been on a trip to Chiang Mai...

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The Harbour School, Hong Kong (April 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

Grades 6-8 (22 - 26 April 2013)

So April has come and gone and what better way to round the month than with a week cruising on the barge with Harbour International School, Hong Kong.

The group was small - only seven students and three teachers - but what fun...

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Our Chao Phraya River Adventure

The Barge Program welcomed Grade 5 of RIS on the barge for several one-day trips to learn about the Chao Phraya River.

Through hands-on activities on the barge, we discovered the geography of the river, the power of water and...

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Exploring Northern Thailand, a comparison to life in Phuket

25 – 29 March 2013

Students from BIS Phuket swapped the beaches of the south for the mountains of Chiang Mai for a week to explore the differences in their lifestyles. Upon...

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Stamford American International School

Chiang Mai Trip (18 – 22 March)

The second last week in March this year saw the Barge Program welcoming Stamford American International School, Singapore, to a voyage with us. This school had not...

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St Andrews 107 Years 8 and 9 (March 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

St Andrews 107 International School

Exploring Ancient Thailand 4 – 8 March 2013

Under the shadow of an ancient temple, barge staff and students from Years 8 and 9 of St Andrews 107 International School in Bangkok got to know each other...

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NIST Year 7 (March 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

The Year 7 humanities and sciences teachers of NIST combined to bring their classes to explore a little of the Chao Phraya River and the global issue of clean water.

Each class spent the day investigating the importance of Chao Phraya in Thai lives, with particular reference to the...

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Regents Bangkok (February 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

12 – 15 February 2013

A Week on the Water

The Barge Program welcomed twenty-four students from Regents School in Bangkok for four days of investigation, exploration, discovery and above all, FUN!

In Ayutthaya, the group...

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KIS Grade 8 at Khao Yai (February 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

4 – 8 February 2013

Exploring the Rainforest ecosystem of Khao Yai National Park

For a group of Grade 8 students from KIS in Bangkok, the rainforest became home for a week in February. The ground became their bed when they camped, the...

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ISB Grade 5 at Bang Pu (February 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

31 January - 5 February 2013

The Barge Program was very happy to welcome back the Grade 5 students and staff from ISB to take part in four separate day trips to the WWF Bang Pu mangrove reserve, just a stone’s throw from central Bangkok.


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Grade 6 Khao Yai 28 - 30 January 2013

Another week and another trip to Khao Yai National Park. This week we were very pleased to welcome to the national park the Grade 6 students and staff from Ruamrudee International School, for their first forest trip with our...

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Bromsgrove Year 7 (January 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

Khao Yao 21 – 24 January 2013

As 2013 continues, our barge staff were off to Khao Yai National Park once more. This time we were pleased to welcome to the forest the Year 7 students and staff from Bromsgrove International School, Bangkok.


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Regents Bangkok (January 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

16 – 18 January 2013

Another new year begins with a number of visits to Thailand’s premium national park: Khao Yai National Park. For our first trip to Khao Yai in 2013, we were delighted to welcome the Year 4 students and staff from Regents International School,...

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IB Group 4 project 10 – 13 January 2013

The Barge Program joined forces with Concordian School for four days of research in Ranong Province.

The multidisciplinary research teams included biologists, physicists, chemists, graphic designers and...

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Early Learning Centre (January 2013)
Updated about 4 years ago

9 - 10 January 2013

The Barge welcomed the Early Learning Center’s Year 1 students on 9 - 10 January 2013. For many of the students, the barge served as their first field trip ever! There was plenty of learning, playing and colouring to pass the energy...

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