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2014 Trips

University of Minnesota: Thai Culture Updated about 2 years ago

29 – 31 December 2014

We thoroughly enjoyed having the University of Minnesota on board at the end of December. It was an excellent way to end the year. We had a wonderful time getting to know each other and exposing the students to Thai culture.

Our first...

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Regent’s Pattaya Year 6: Chiang Mai Updated about 2 years ago

Chiang Mai 16 – 21 Nov 2014

We were very excited to have the Year 6 students from Regent’s Pattaya join us for our four-day cultural, traditional and environmental adventures in Chiang Mai.

Sixteen young students from Prem’s fourth Grade
Came to the Barge to learn more about economy and trade.
The Chao Phraya River proved to be the ideal place
With so much to see that the students couldn't wait to embrace.
From busy market shopping...

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A great time was had by all up in Chiang Mai.

Learners had an opportunity to discover the importance of elephants in Thailand past and present. We visited the beautiful Elephant Nature Park and met some of their rescued elephants and witnessed first-hand the valuable...

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St Andrew’s Green Valley Year Six joined us for a barge trip full of laughter and Ayutthaya adventure at the start of December.

After learning all about the Chao Phraya through a river observation activity and creating a miniature watershed on deck, we looked at how...

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Bromsgrove Barge Buddies (November 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

Bromsgrove Year 5 joined us for some fun on the barge and a visit to Ayutthaya.

Our first day had everyone’s favourite activity – swimming and canoeing. With everyone jumping in and getting wet there was lots of excitement especially in dodging the water hyacinth...

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After flying in to Phuket and then travelling for three hours in the minibus, the Andaman Coastal Research Station for Development hosted twenty-four GCSE and A-Level students who had flown all the way from Pakistan. The trip allowed them to discover, observe and study mangroves, sea grass beds,...

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On the first day of the last month of the year, sixteen A-Level students from Harrow International School came down to learn about the mangrove and marine ecosystem. During our data collections and analyses we found a variety of interesting organisms including several crab species, a sea...

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Barge Time

There was no better way to the end the month of November than having Berkeley Year 5 join us on the barge.

We had a very pleasant trip on the Chao Phraya learning about this vital water source in Thailand. Through activities, games and exploration,...

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IES Kunming (November 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

Weekend on the Barge

On 22 - 23 November, seventeen students – all studying in the US and all enrolled with the IES study abroad centre in Kunming, China – joined the Barge Program with the aim of discovering more about Thailand from the Chao Phraya River. All...

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In November we had the pleasure of the Early Learning Centre Year 4 classes who joined us as forest detectives in Khao Yai National Park.

We had a wonderful time learning about the importance of national parks, investigating the interrelationships of plants and animals in a natural...

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Bromsgrove Year 4 (November 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

Bromsgrove Year 4 trip to Khao Yai National Park

The trip started with a sighting of a herd of no fewer than twelve elephants, and continued with another sighting later that day when we saw a bull elephant on our chilly night safari. Even with our amazing...

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Mentari, Indonesia Group A (November 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

An early weekend in November and Mentari have arrived in Thailand! Group A joined us straight from their plane to the barge to explore the Chao Praya and its importance to Thailand. Amongst the activities on the jam-packed three days were alms-giving at a local temple, investigating water...

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Bromsgrove International School Year 6 (14 - 17 October 2014)

Bromsgrove International School joined us in mid-October for a trip to Chiang Mai to explore northern culture.

Students enjoyed the jam-packed few days, especially when exploring many different...

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Early Learning Centre (October 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

Ayutthaya (08 - 10 October 2014)

The team welcomed twenty students from the Early Learning Centre in Bangkok for a three-day land-based trip to Ayutthaya. The trip focused on the history of Ayutthaya. We visited a variety of museums including the Boat Museum, Gold...

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Harrow International School (October 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

Harrow International School Year 5 (1-3 October 2014)

At the beginning of October we welcomed three groups of Year 5 students from Harrow International School for a one-day barge trip to learn more about the Chao Phraya river and all its glory.

Students were...

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Training for Environmental Education Division of DEQP

On 30 and 31 August 2014, the Barge Program had a chance to welcome the new Thai government group called Environmental Education division which belongs to Department of Environmental Quality Promotion(DEQP) on the...

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International School Chonburi (June 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

International School Chonburi Explore Bang Pu (5 – 6 June 2014)

Mudskippers, egrets and fiddler crabs all came out in mass to greet the enthusiastic year twos and threes from International School Chonburi. The children left muddy and excited after two days of...

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Bangkok Patana (January 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

A recipe for learning about human impact in Chantaburi


  • 3 classes of Year 6 students from Bangkok Patana International School
  • 1 day of mangrove forest
  • 1 day of sandy shore
  • 1 day of rainforest
  • 1/2...

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Bromsgrove Year 8 (January 2014) Updated about 2 years ago

Bromsgrove International School Year 8 Chantaburi Trip (21 - 24 January 2014)

It has been reported that Bromsgrove International School recently collaborated with Traidhos Three-Generation Barge program to create a winning combination, generating such an exciting trip,...

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