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Bangkok - Thailand

Trip Reports.

Each year we welcome over 2,500 students and staff from schools worldwide.

2015 Trips

After a whole day travelling, the students from the University of Minnesota finally arrived in Bangkok. They were a little weary but keen to learn more about Thailand and its customs.

First stop was Koh Kret to find out more about the history of the Mon people and the famous pottery...

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Bromsgrove Year 8 Chanthaburi Updated about 2 years ago

Every year, we take groups of Bromsgrove students around the country on their pre-new year break trip. We usually do the same activities, in approximately the same places, but this year the focus was on team building and exploration. To give the Year 8s the chance to develop outside of the city,...

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Bromsgrove Year 5 Barge trip Updated about 2 years ago

Bromsgrove on the barge: A brilliantly blazon, brave bunch of bodies, busily bustling on the barge and basking on the brackish, bucolic, breezeless brook

Arduous, ardent and animated, the apprentice aquanauts arrived in Ayutthaya to analyse its...

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Regents Bangkok Year 6 Chiang Mai Updated about 2 years ago

Early December is a perfect time to go to Chiang Mai. With winter coming in it makes a wonderful change from the sweltering lowlands of Thailand, and Regents Bangkok chose this time to take their Year 6s on a week of discovery up north. We kicked off the trip with a traditional Khantoke dinner,...

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Harrow Year 5 Barge trip Updated about 2 years ago

It is a slow, sunny afternoon on the Chao Phraya. The barge’s engine beats a triumphant rhythm against the wooden hull as we pull in to Piyawan pier for the last time. Harrow’s final group of Year 5s are waiting on the deck to disembark, bags ready, shoes on, journals full. “Have you had a...

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Early Learning Centre Grade 6 Updated about 2 years ago

09 - 11 December 2015

ELC embarked on their Northern adventure in the early hours of the morning, with the sleepy sun rising over the Bangkok skyline as they travelled to the airport. Full of excitement and anticipation, they boarded the plane. The adventure had...

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08 - 10 December 2015

Waking up bright and early, the Barge staff flew into Phuket Airport to meet biology students from Phuket International Academy. Shortly after greeting the students, we headed north towards the Andaman Coastal Research Station for an...

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Berkeley Grade 5 Updated about 2 years ago

03 - 04 December 2015

Berkeley International School was determined to succeed at Stepping Stones. See the look of determination in getting across that toxic river!

Stepping Stones is a popular Environmental Education game that considers the components of...

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ISB Grade 4 - 6 Updated about 2 years ago

01 December 2015

Passionate potters prepared precise pots purposefully, perfecting patterns, priming paints and polishing plates.

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Bromsgrove Year 7 to Khao Yai Updated about 2 years ago

30 November - 03 December 2015

“Next on National Geographic we have a never-before seen nature documentary about a group of Year 7 students from Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok coming to terms with the wildlife in Khao Yai National Park. Sit tight, get...

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29 November - 02 December 2015

The Southern province of Ranong was heavily affected by the 2004 tsunami, but in the years since this natural disaster the mangrove, rocky shores and seagrass bed ecosystems have begun to recover. With Year 13s from Harrow International...

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International School Bangkok - Grade 1 Updated about 2 years ago

23 - 25 November 2015

The Story of a Clay Pot

The buffalo mixes clay, sand, and water

The potter 'throws' a pot

The potter decorates the pot

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Bromsgrove Chiang Mai Trip Updated about 2 years ago

17 - 20 November

We have just enjoyed four wonderful days exploring northern cultures and lifestyles with Year 6 from Bromsgrove International School, with beautiful views from the top of Doi Inthanon and a chance to stay in the homes of Karen villagers. We...

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14 - 17 November and 19 - 22 November 2015

Jetting in from Indonesia the Barge Team met the Year 9 Menatari students at  Suvarnabhumi Airport, each student dragging behind them a large wheelie bag ready for their Thailand adventures to begin! They had an action-packed...

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10 - 12 November 2015

ELC’s Year 4 Trip to Khao Yai was an incredible adventure in which the children challenged themselves – and the greatest challenge was protecting their bags from those sneaky macaques! The trip could not have started better when were greeted...

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Shrewsbury International School, Year 13 Updated about 2 years ago

30 October 2015

On a warm sunny morning, Shrewsbury’s Year 13 geography students saw the barge chugging towards the Chatrium Pier in the morning haze. We were greeted by distant waves as we made our way towards them. To avoid blocking the regular boat ferries which...

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St Andrews International School, Year 9 Updated about 2 years ago

26 October, 29 October, 5 November, 9 November 2015

St Andrew’s Year 9 students were welcomed onto the Barge for four single day trips focusing on carrying out science investigations of the water quality and river flow of the Chao Phraya River. Highlights for the...

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Bangkok Prep International School - Year 5 Updated about 2 years ago

01 October 2015

Bangkok Prep Year 5 students were a part of the inaugural trip with Barge Program this year. Students were working on their rivers topic, and used the day trip to explore water quality. Each group spent time observing the river to see how it is used,...

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Sattahip- ELC Year 5/6 Updated about 2 years ago

15 – 17 September 2015

I heard these kids from ELC

Some tall, some small, some looked like me.

They came to learn about my home,

The jungle of the ocean, polluted now by Styrofoam,

Not by...

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Nehru House - Harrow International School Updated about 2 years ago

10 - 11 September 2015

The Barge Program promotes a sense of community on each of our trips, and we were thrilled to help Nehru House to develop their community bonds early in the year. The entire house group from Year 6 to Year 13 came together in Suphanburi province...

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IES Khunming Updated about 3 years ago

11 – 12 July 2015

On 11 - 12 July 2015, our Barge Program had the chance to welcome IES Khunming, our good university friends who come every year, onto the barge for a two-day trip. We all had a good time: they enjoyed and learned many new things, and despite it...

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21 - 22 May 2015

Year 6 joined us on the barge for the first time ever. After we introduced ourselves in a game involving animal charades - we had some great actors in this group - it was time to get familiar with the Chao Phraya. We all spotted a few new things while...

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28 - 29 May 2015 Chonburi on the Chao Phraya


International School of Chonburi made it all the way to the Chao Phraya River for an investigation into animals, habitats, and resources.

  • ANIMALS - invertebrate hunting, clay...

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Charter International School, Year 6 Updated about 3 years ago

27 - 29 May 2015

Students from Year 6 Charter International School took their very first land-based trip with the Barge Program to the Gulf of Thailand. The students were committed to learn about the marine environment and human impact while also considering the impact...

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Rasami British International School (RBIS) Updated about 3 years ago

Y4 and Y5 come to the Barge!

On Tuesday 19 May 2015, the Barge Program welcomed Year 4 and Year 5 from RBIS on-board, all eager to examine the Chao Praya. The day began with a stop at the island of Koh Kret where students examined all the different ‘Shades of...

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Stamford's Mission (Im?)Possible Updated about 3 years ago

29 March - 2 April 2015

Your mission, should you chose to accept it:

Get your group on the platform with all feet off the ground for five seconds.

This message will self destruct in 10....


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Sirindhorn School Updated about 3 years ago

A Personal Reflection by Stan
Sirindhorn School, Surin M1, 8 - 12 March

I have worked at the Barge Program for eight years now. I have been on hundreds of trips, but it was a recent one to Khao Yai with Sirindhorn students from Surin that really moved...

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Regent’s International School Pattaya Updated about 3 years ago

Year 5 – Barge Trip
May 2015


Regent’s International School Pattaya Year 5 joined the barge to explore the Chao Phraya River in Ayutthaya. Over the two weeks, four classes of excited and enthusiastic Year 5s enjoyed learning and...

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At the start of March, the barge played host to an unusual group. Year 9 students from Appleby School Toronto and Ivanhoe School Melbourne met up to spend three days on the barge together learning all about globalisation and its impact on Thai culture, history and Thailand’s lifeblood - the...

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St Andrews Samakee International School Updated about 3 years ago

Year 6/7 Chiang Mai team-building trip

Challenge accepted! The learners from St Andrews had a blast with the Barge Team up in Chiang Mai. They took part in a variety of team-building games and exercises, visited the Elephant Poo Poo Park, and enjoyed a glorious day of...

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Prem International School Grade 10 joined the Barge Program on a trip to Samae San at the end of February. With five days to live together as a community, it was fantastic to see all Grade 10 students working together and creating memories for a lifetime. With graduation creeping closer, the...

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Year Nine Headstart - Kanchanaburi Updated about 3 years ago

17 - 20 February 2015

Local historians in Kanchanaburi have discovered evidence of activity from teenagers in the province, dating from February 2015. The students appear to have come from Headstart School, Phuket, leaving with them a trail of memories and evidence...

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Kids Kingdom K3 Updated about 3 years ago

23 February

K3 from Kids Kingdom, Bangkok, are some of our youngest visitors. Students embraced everything during their day learning about the Chao Phraya.

The highlight for many was 'River Bingo', discovering just how many crabs lived in water...

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HeadStart Phuket, Year 7 Updated about 3 years ago

20 - 22 February 2015

Students from HeadStart flew from Phuket especially to explore the Chao Phraya during the school break. Starting at KM 26 at the Green Lung Area south of Bangkok, the trip travelled all the way to Ayutthaya, KM 148. There was time to take a joss...

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Regents Bangkok Year 5 Updated about 3 years ago

09 - 12 February 2015

Monday 9 February saw Regent’s Bangkok Year 5 climb aboard the barge for a four-day trip jam-packed with activities. Our trip offered the students a wide range of activities - making their own perfume with vegetation on Ko Kret, toasting mammoth...

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International School Phnom Penh Grade 5 Updated about 3 years ago

27 - 30 January 2015

At the end of January, we welcomed International School Phnom Penh Grade Five aboard the barge. Right from the airport pick up, the students were bursting with energy and songs, singing renditions of ‘Oliver!’ and gathering excitement for their...

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Regent’s Bangkok Year 4 Updated about 3 years ago

Trip to Khao Yai National Park 21 - 23 January 2015

Regent’s Bangkok Year 4s explored Khao Yai National Park this week, focussing on Habitats and Adaptations. The jam-packed three days involved many games including Oh Deer, Kiwi Ball and Habitat Crunch to introduce...

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Bangkok Patana Year 6 Updated about 3 years ago

Week: 1 26 - 30 January 2015

Exploring Habitats in Chantaburi

What a fabulous week of fun and learning!

Students from Year 6 Bangkok Patana embraced new experiences challenging themselves to kayak through channels in the mangrove...

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Early Learning Centre Year 1 Updated about 3 years ago

Year One January 19, 20 and 26

Year One from Early Learning Center Bangkok joined us for day trips on the barge and what a bundle of fun it was! Students focused on the topic ‘Nature in the City’, taking part in lots of varied activities, from listening to the...

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Garden Rayong Year 5 Updated about 3 years ago

07- 09 January 2015

2015 started joyfully with a visit from Garden Rayong Year 5 students. We travelled upstream on the Chao Praya exploring how the river grew to be the biggest river in the Kingdom. We learned about the water cycle until the water cycle lyrics were...

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