Traidhos Three-Generation
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Trip Reports.

Each year we welcome over 2,500 students and staff from schools worldwide.

2016 Trips

University of Minnesota, USA Updated about 1 year ago

29 - 31 December, 2016

Cruising along Chao Phraya River is always beautiful, but especially so at the end of the year with University of Minnesota students. The cool season breeze brings with it cloudy sunsets with a fire of oranges and reds flaming across the evening...

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12-14 December, 2016

Well there we were, Monday morning at Suratsawasdee, nice and quiet as usual and my brothers and sisters were searching for scraps of food on the floor. The deer were grazing the grass, the insects were buzzing and the gibbons were whooping way off...

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Harrow International School Updated about 1 year ago

1-4 December 2016


Year 13 Students from Harrow International School spent a soggy week exploring marine and coastal management in Thailand’s southern province of Ranong. Based at the Andaman Coastal Research Station for Development and...

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Berkeley International School, G5 Updated about 1 year ago

1-2 December 2016

Chao Phraya River Haiku

Studying rivers,

Human impacts; creatures’ homes

Cooking gorgeous meals

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Brighton College, Year 1-3 Updated about 1 year ago

1 December, 2016

Samut Songkram

Salt pans shining and the sun creating crystals

A hundred uses for salt, cooking, cooling, and...

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Brighton College Bangkok, Y4 Updated about 1 year ago

30 November, 2016

Traidhos Barge Program is always happy to create a customised trip but we were puzzled at first  to be asked if we could lead a trip for a unit of work about Vikings! While we knew they were great travellers and invaders, Vikings never settled in...

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United World College Thailand Updated about 1 year ago

28-30 November 2016


Aim: To Investigate Marine and Coastal ecosystems with United World College, Thailand

Hypothesis: Students will learn about different coastal marine ecosystems found in Thailand...

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St Andrews International School, Y9 Updated about 1 year ago

21 November 2016

Eighty Students joined us for a one day trip at Wat Chalerm Prakiet Park, in Nonthaburi, for a day of exploring people, places and the Chao Phraya River itself. All students were heavily involved in four different activities throughout the day,...

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15, 16, 17, and 18 November 2016

This was a day trip where students were on the barge to learn about Chao Phraya River. The safety session was interesting and caught their attention right away. The students enjoyed creating their own watershed, investigating Water...

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2-4 November 2016

Bromsgrove Year 5 trip objectives included a week of exploration in Ayutthaya and team building, and that’s exactly what they got! By the end of the week the group was working as a well-oiled machine: communicating, sharing and being...

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Bromsgrove Year 4 to Khao Yai Updated about 1 year ago

2 – 4  November 2016

              FoRest, was explored and enjoyed by all of year four students, teachers and barge staff with a local ranger on the second day.


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Bromsgrove Y6, Suphanburi Updated about 1 year ago

1-4 Novemeber,2016

                Life is normally pretty quiet around here, this is the picturesque resort I call home on the bank of the lazy Tha Chin River. I say this resort is my home, what I actually mean is, I chose to build my nest here, within...

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Early Learning Centre Year 4 Updated about 1 year ago

     Early Learning Centre Year 4

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St Andrews International School, Y8 Updated about 1 year ago

With a 35% decrease in mangrove forests in Thailand since the 1960s and one third of the World’s mangrove cover lost between 1980 and 2000, this week the year 8 students from St Andrews International School were on a restoration mission!

In an exciting new collaboration with the...

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11 October 2016

Bangkok International Preparatory School and Traidhos Barge Program travelled to the grounds of Piyawan Resort, Pathum Thani, for a day of Chao Phraya discovery this week.  The aim was to understand the importance of the river and extend their in-class...

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Mentari School, Jakarta, Y9 Updated about 1 year ago

7 – 10 October, 2016


This weekend staff from The Barge Program enjoyed a weekend of history and culture exploration with year 9 students from Mentari School, Jakarta, at Thailand’s ancient capitol Ayutthaya.

Our two-day visit started at Kuum...

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Somerset College, Australia, Year 7-9 Updated about 1 year ago

24-26 September, 2016


Somerset students finished off their Thailand adventure with three days in Bangkok exploring Thai culture, river life, and modern attractions. The group were interested to see the Siam Niramit show, some even saying it...

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St Andrews Samakee, Year 6 Ko Kret Updated about 1 year ago

22 September, 2016

The trip to Ko Kret with St Andrews Samakee was new for both Barge staff and students. The focus was the history of Ancient Greek pottery, and given that Ko Kret boasts a huge range of artisanal Mon potteries, there was no better place in Thailand to...

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15 September, 2016


How to be a cohesive house:

Take one step into the mud, behind the back of a buffalo, preparing the rice field

Taste test new snacks, all made from rice products, hot and coconut...

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There was a sense of excitement as a group of housekeepers, gardeners, maintenance and grounds workers, Teaching Assistants and administrative staff headed to the train station that began the adventure first to Ayutthaya and then over the three days of the trip, to Bangkok. For some, the...

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Hua Hin International School Updated about 1 year ago

25-27 May, 2016


Hua Hin International School invited year 5, year 6, and year 7 students to explore Kanchanaburi province, during their school’s inaugural residential trip. The group were especially moved by visiting Hellfire...

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St Andrews's Samakee Updated about 1 year ago

01 June, 2016

Barge Program worked with St Andrew's Samakee year six, seven, and eight students in team building this week. This group of students will together become Key Stage 3 at Samakee next year, and the team day offered an opportunity to get to know each...

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Regents Pattaya Year 6 Kanchanaburi Updated about 1 year ago

3-5 May, 2016

Last time Regents Pattaya came on a trip with the Barge Program, it was up to Chiang Mai to explore the mountains and damp forests of the north. This time, the situation is a little different. As the school buses roll into the dusty car park, the...

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Ruamrudee International School Year 5 Updated about 2 years ago

28, 29, 30 March

As soon as Ruamrudee students were on board the barge they were keen to learn about the Chao Praya River. Their task for the day was to test the water quality of the Chao Phraya. They used observation of the colour of the water to predict that it would...

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Sirindhorn, Surin M2, 21-23 March 2016 Updated about 2 years ago

Exploring Samae San

Day 1: Fish and Turtles.

After arriving bright and early at the Navy Base camp and getting to know the staff, the M2 students had the opportunity to visit the on-site sea turtle conservation area. Not only did...

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29 February - 4 March, 7 - 11 March 2016

Community Service in Chiang Mai

Stamford American International School Singapore sent their Grade 5 students, over two weeks, to work with Barge Program exploring Chiang Mai. A significant part of our trips...

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Sirindhorn Mattayom 1 students joined us in Khao Yai for four days of exploring the forest while using English. This group is the twelfth class of English Program students from Surin who have participated in Barge Program trips! During the week we practiced vocabulary and...

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Appleby College, Canada, Grade 9 Updated about 2 years ago

12 – 14 March, 2016

Introduction to Thailand

This three day barge trip worked perfectly as an introduction to Thai culture and history for Appleby College students, who are spending two weeks exploring Thailand.

Here is an extract...

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St Andrew’s Samakee Year 3 Updated about 2 years ago

21 – 22 January 2016

The students from year 3 came on board the barge keen to learn all about the Chao Praya River. They created their very own watershed along the deck of the barge show how the Chao Praya follows all through Thailand. They really enjoyed the river...

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08-11 February 2016

Brilliant brick-making at Prachakorn getting messy mixing mud, rice husks and water into expertly shaped bricks

Ayutthaya analysis re-creating an ancient world of royal palaces and battling...

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Early Learning Centre Year 1 Updated about 2 years ago

18, 19 and 20 January 2016


ELC were a school from Bangkok

Who were keen to learn rather a lot

They boarded the barge

All eager and charged

As the boat was about to leave dock


First game of the...

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China Town

After Barge staff met the year 4 class at ELC we headed off across town towards Yarowat Road and Wat Trimit. At the temple we were transported back in time to when early Chinese migrants first came to Thailand.

After a treacherous storm-filled...

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A Day out on the River

Down on the river, one sunny day

Year Threes joined the Barge and sailed away

to visit  an island.


It was a day full of learning and fun for all

Observing the river, as it rose and...

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Samakee Remembers

St Andrew's Samakee Year 5 students spent their residential week exploring historic Kanchanaburi. Throughout the week the group intensely studied the conditions of railway camps during World War II. Connections were made throughout the week to the...

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Bangkok Patana Y6 Updated about 2 years ago

25-29 January 2016

01-05 February 2016

Bangkok Patana Students headed to Chantaburi for their annual residential to consider human impacts on beach, ocean, mangrove and forest habitats. Students enjoyed time on the beach along with camping in...

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Barge staff met the eager St. Andrews students bright and early on Monday morning and wasted no time in beginning our exciting journey to Chantaburi. We set off on the coaches, with great anticipation and excitement for the week ahead!

Our trip started with a bang as we headed...

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