Traidhos Three-Generation
Barge Program

Bangkok - Thailand

Barge Staff.

Since 1995, the Traidhos Barge Program has been providing high quality outdoor experiential education.

Teaching Staff

Uk Kirsty (Kirsty Shakespeare) Head of Barge Program

After joining the Barge Program as a Coordinator in August 2016, I am excited to be taking on the role of Head of Barge Program. I am looking forward to continuing to improve and develop our program and educational offering over the coming years.

Having always wanted to work with animals and the natural world, I completed a degree in Zoology at Anglia Ruskin University and studied for my Masters in Ecology Evolution and Conservation at Imperial College London. Throughout university I volunteered on several projects in the UK and abroad working with schools to deliver environmental education.

Before joining the Barge Program I worked for 4.5 years as the Education Development Officer at The Living Rainforest and Trust for Sustainable Living, a UK based educational sustainability charity, where I ran education programs for over 25,000 school children and 80,000 + public visitors annually.

Outside of work I am a keen nature and wildlife photographer and PADI Advanced scuba diver and have been lucky enough to explore dive sites in Oman, Lanzarote, Egypt, The Seychelles and South Africa.

Uk Bew (Sasilak Sakputtasakul)

Sa wad dee ka everyone, My name is Sasilak Sakputtasakul. You can call me “Bew”. It is easy to remember if you think about beautiful things. My hometown is Rayong where there are many industrial estates. I graduated from The King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, having studied environmental chemistry I learned about ecology, environmental chemistry for water soil and air, environmental quality management and pollution control. I am still a member of the conservation nature club in my university where I learn about conservation and sustainability. It’s because I love to travel and find new experiences that I like this job

The Barge Program is my first job. I am glad to join here and work together with my new colleagues because it is not only nature conservation that we teach but also about sustainability, history and culture also. The Barge Program is not just a company it is my home. If you want to learn new things like me just come with me, hold hands and go together.

Sc Raymond Wilson
Raymond Wilson

I have come to the Barge-Program after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science (Geology) at the University of Glasgow, where I tutored students and worked with the Glasgow University Environment & Sustainability Team (GUEST), improving and implementing the university’s green practices. I am also an environmental activist in the United Kingdom, leading campaigns for animal welfare and renewable energy, amongst other important issues. Furthermore I work extensively in the arts curating events and developing theatre shows for children in order to raise awareness and educate on various environmental subject matters.

I am hugely excited to get to know Thailand better and meet all the participants in this year’s Three-Generation Barge Program - hopefully together we can be creative and inspired to make a change!

Th Maprang

Sawatdee ka everyone. My name is Maprang. I come from a small, peaceful province called Nakhon Nayok. It is great for outdoor recreation. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology and Master’s degree in Technology of Environmental Management from Mahidol University. I have worked in environmental projects and volunteer with a local conservation group. I love travel, wetlands and learning new things so that’s why I decided to work with the Barge Program.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with the team and students. Come and enjoy learning with us. I will be waiting for you on the Barge!!!

Th Balloon

Hello everyone, you can call me Balloon. I am from the south of Thailand which is one of the most wonderful places in Thailand. I have a Bachelor of Conservation Biology from Mahidol University. That's the reason why I will am here because my favourite things is environmental education and animals such as elephants and birds. I have studied about the awareness and attitudes of humans and wild elephant conflict at Kanchanaburi Province. After graduation I worked at Elephant’s World, where we work for the elephants not the elephants working for us.

I always enjoy working and sharing my favourite things. If you want to join a Barge Program, you’re welcome!

Th Ken (Tiewmek Prasongpetch)

Hello my name is Tiewmek Prasongpetch. You can call me Ken. I grew up in a beach town in Chonburi Province. It is a beautiful place. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Horticulture) degree from The King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. When I was at university, I was a member of the conservation club. In this club I learnt a lot about the environment and that made me care more about it, even after I had graduated. The awareness I got from this club still drives me as a person to care about nature.

Uk Will Chilton
Will Chilton

Will Joined the Barge team in 2017 and enjoys working with students at the various program sites.

Uk Hannah

Hello! I come from a small town near Manchester in the U.K. I have a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Sheffield and a post-graduate diploma in endangered species recovery from the University of Kent. I worked in bat research in multiple countries, but I’m now eager to develop a career promoting environmental sustainability. I’m looking forward to the challenges of this new role.

I’m keen to explore more of Thailand, meet new people and do some bird-watching (particularly in the picturesque national parks).

Uk Michael Fordham
Michael Fordham

I am from Hertfordshire which is a county close to London in the UK. I have had an interest in wildlife since I can remember. My curiously in nature has taken me all over the world, from Australia and Asia, to Africa and India. I have worked with various institutions and research centers to better understand nature’s curiosities. I am passionate about sharing my enthusiasm for wildlife and live by a moto that I first heard in India over 12 years ago.

"In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught." (Baba Dioum, 1968.)

I firmly believe that we are taught to be scared of certain animals and it is my mission in life is to share my knowledge and passion for wildlife and give some of nature’s more unpopular animals a voice and a chance to be better understood. WARNING I have been known to talk about snakes for hours on end!!

Tw Betty

Ni Hao! I am Betty. I come from Taiwan. My major is hospitality and tourism so basically I love to travel and live in different countries and also trying local food is one of my favourite hobbies.

Before working on the Barge Program, I had worked in an elephant friendly place and it inspired me to learn more about environmental sustainability. Now here I am! I am excited to join the Barge Program and look forward to knowing multiple new things, learning about the natural environment and hopefully I will be able to share what I have learnt with people.

Uk Noreen

Hello, my name is Noreen.

Having a love for all things outdoors it was only natural that I ended up studying for my Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science & Biology at Oxford Brookes University.

I then went on to work with various charities in the sustainable sector and environmental education but continued to volunteer for local conservation groups. My interest in conservation took me to the Amazon Rainforest where I have found my new love of the Flora and Fauna of the Tropics which has bought me to Thailand. I’m looking forward to working with the amazing people and sharing our knowledge as well as exploring the beautiful country of Thailand.

Uk Zach Thomas
Zach Thomas

Hello everyone, my name is Zach and I have joined the Barge Program after completing my Master’s degree in Agriculture for Sustainable Development from the University of Greenwich. My major interest is in agricultural production and its role in poverty reduction, integrated pest management and the food plants of the world, particularly crops with novel uses.

My focus on sustainable food production began whilst working as a chef in Iceland where I was introduced to the issues of food waste, excessive food miles and the lack of sustainability in many food production systems. After completing my bachelors in Anatomical Sciences I moved to South Korea where I worked as an English teacher for two years and then continued that role in Spain and Italy. I am now so looking forward to combining my teaching experience with my passion for sustainable living in Thailand.

Sc Michael O’Brien
Michael O’Brien

From an early age Michael has been running around looking for beasts and bugs, enjoying the infinite complexity of life and trying to discover something that nobody else has before. Turning his passion into a career Michael recently graduated from Glasgow University with a bachelor of science in Zoology, with a specification in spatial ecology and its relationship to human wildlife conflict. During his university tenure Michael has worked and lived in multiple nations; from the tropical paradises of the Caribbean striving to conserve three of the seven giant sea turtles species, to the lush rainforest of the Amazon comparing the differences between traditional and modern tracking techniques. He enjoys long walks on the beach, getting caught in the rain as well as contributing to the zoological community and working in the field while with others.

While working and living in Thailand Michael hopes to make lasting connections with likeminded individuals, gain valuable transferable skills that he can apply to the rest of his life and career, and most importantly help educate and empower the next generation of sustainable global citizens, and as well as these lofty goals, having a little fun in the process.