Traidhos Three-Generation
Barge Program

Bangkok - Thailand

Barge Staff.

Teaching Staff

Uk Kirsty (Kirsty Shakespeare) Head of Barge Program

After joining the Barge Program as a Coordinator in August 2016, I am excited to be taking on the role of Head of Barge Program. I am looking forward to continuing to improve and develop our program and educational offering over the coming years.

Having always wanted to work with animals and the natural world, I completed a degree in Zoology at Anglia Ruskin University and studied for my Masters in Ecology Evolution and Conservation at Imperial College London. Throughout university I volunteered on several projects in the UK and abroad working with schools to deliver environmental education.

Before joining the Barge Program I worked for 4.5 years as the Education Development Officer at The Living Rainforest and Trust for Sustainable Living, a UK based educational sustainability charity, where I ran education programs for over 25,000 school children and 80,000 + public visitors annually.

Outside of work I am a keen nature and wildlife photographer and PADI Advanced scuba diver and have been lucky enough to explore dive sites in Oman, Lanzarote, Egypt, The Seychelles and South Africa.

Uk Lou (Louisa Bibby) Coordinator / Environmental Educator

My name is Louisa but most people call me Lou. I used to live near Manchester where I went to University. I have a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Science. After graduating I worked as a Countryside Ranger in Wigan for ten years. I taught environmental education to visiting schools and I also led teams of volunteers in habitat management. I also taught local and social history.

I have travelled throughout South East Asia and I love to try new foods - I will try almost anything once. I am really excited to be joining the Barge Program, as I will be able to teach about the natural world and our impact on it in a completely different habitat from what I have previously experienced.

Uk Bew (Sasilak Sakputtasakul)

Sa wad dee ka everyone, My name is Sasilak Sakputtasakul. You can call me “Bew”. It is easy to remember if you think about beautiful things. My hometown is Rayong where there are many industrial estates. I graduated from The King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, having studied environmental chemistry I learned about ecology, environmental chemistry for water soil and air, environmental quality management and pollution control. I am still a member of the conservation nature club in my university where I learn about conservation and sustainability. It’s because I love to travel and find new experiences that I like this job

The Barge Program is my first job. I am glad to join here and work together with my new colleagues because it is not only nature conservation that we teach but also about sustainability, history and culture also. The Barge Program is not just a company it is my home. If you want to learn new things like me just come with me, hold hands and go together.

Uk Thiago

I was born in Aberdeen but have moved around the world. I love living in different places and can’t stay in the same country for too long! I always try learning the language of wherever I live, eat local foods, and try to learn how locals see the world around them.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Geography I am studying a Master’s in Human Ecology and I try to seek out the potential in things to solve problems like environmental degradation.

The Barge Program is a great opportunity both to show and teach children of the issues that surround us, and to inspire them to become part of solutions and change.

I’m here to help out and observe as an intern and I hope I can learn all Traidhos has to teach me.

Br Maria (Maria Eduarda Souza)
Maria Eduarda Souza

I am a social ecologist and environmental global leader. Originally from Brazil, I have lived in 3 continents and cultivated meaningful projects across Brazil, Botswana and England. From 2009 to 2015 I worked in the Brazilian Amazon delivering positive impact for local and indigenous communities. In 2012/13 I moved to Botswana where I worked with environmental education and children from rural communities. My mission is to engage people with the natural world and inspire sustainable action.

I am a Historian by training and I am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Ecology and Spirituality at Schumacher College, UK. I very excited about my experience here in Thailand and I hope to learn and share great moments with the Barge team and children.

Uk Raymond Wilson
Raymond Wilson

I have come to the Barge-Program after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Earth Science (Geology) at the University of Glasgow, where I tutored students and worked with the Glasgow University Environment & Sustainability Team (GUEST), improving and implementing the university’s green practices. I am also an environmental activist in the United Kingdom, leading campaigns for animal welfare and renewable energy, amongst other important issues. Furthermore I work extensively in the arts curating events and developing theatre shows for children in order to raise awareness and educate on various environmental subject matters.

I am hugely excited to get to know Thailand better and meet all the participants in this year’s Three-Generation Barge Program - hopefully together we can be creative and inspired to make a change!

Uk Charlotte

My name is Charlotte, and I am from Wiltshire in the South West of England. I moved to North Wales for university where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Geography. After graduating I spent time volunteering in conservation and environmental education in the UK and abroad before eventually returning to the amazing scenery of North Wales. Here, I started work for the Field Studies Council, teaching geography and ecology field work as well as adventurous activities in the mountains for students of all ages.

It is fantastic to have the opportunity to be part of the Barge Program, where I can share my skills and experience in environmental education, and also learn from others. I am excited to explore the incredible places that Thailand has to offer, and to share my passion for the great outdoors and nature conservation with new people.

Uk Lisa (Lisa Vance)
Lisa Vance

Hello, my name is Lisa and I am excited be a part of the Traidhos Barge Program! I am originally from Canada but have been in Thailand for most of the last 4 years. I (obviously) love Thailand! I am interested in continuously learning about the culture and history here and how it can relate to environmental sustainability.

I originally graduated with a degree in Tourism Management from Canada which is what inspired me to travel and originally come here. As well, I studied for my Master's of International Development at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok. I love working with children and have coordinated summer camps in Canada and have taught English to students of all ages.

I can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with everyone and am looking forward to meeting all of the students, teachers, and different groups that will be joining us as part of our programs!

Uk Dani

Hello everybody! My name is Dani and I am delighted to be working on the Barge Program. I have completed a degree in Animal Behaviour and Biology, and then an masters (MSc) in Applied Ecology at the University of Exeter. After university I have worked with a number of environmental education provides within the UK, including 4.5 years as a tutor at the Field Studies Council. I am really passionate about teaching and really enjoy connecting students to the natural world.

I have a keen interest in mammals, especially bats and spend my free time helping with bat research projects, including research in Australia on both mega and micro bat species. So I am really excited learn more about Thailands bats. I am also excited to learn more about Thailand’s culture and explore this amazing place.

Th Maprang

Sawatdee ka everyone. My name is Maprang. I come from a small, peaceful province called Nakhon Nayok. It is great for outdoor recreation. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Conservation Biology and Master’s degree in Technology of Environmental Management from Mahidol University. I have worked in environmental projects and volunteer with a local conservation group. I love travel, wetlands and learning new things so that’s why I decided to work with the Barge Program.

I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with the team and students. Come and enjoy learning with us. I will be waiting for you on the Barge!!!

Th Balloon

Hello everyone, you can call me Balloon. I am from the south of Thailand which is one of the most wonderful places in Thailand. I have a Bachelor of Conservation Biology from Mahidol University. That's the reason why I will am here because my favourite things is environmental education and animals such as elephants and birds. I have studied about the awareness and attitudes of humans and wild elephant conflict at Kanchanaburi Province. After graduation I worked at Elephant’s World, where we work for the elephants not the elephants working for us.

I always enjoy working and sharing my favourite things. If you want to join a Barge Program, you’re welcome!

Th Ken (Tiewmek Prasongpetch)

Hello my name is Tiewmek Prasongpetch. You can call me Ken. I grew up in a beach town in Chonburi Province. It is a beautiful place. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Horticulture) degree from The King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. When I was at university, I was a member of the conservation club. In this club I learnt a lot about the environment and that made me care more about it, even after I had graduated. The awareness I got from this club still drives me as a person to care about nature.