Barge Staff.

Since 1995, the Traidhos Barge Program has been providing high quality outdoor experiential education.

Non Teaching Staff

Th Nuan (Nuansri Arayasak) Logistics Secretary

Hello I'm Nuan. I graduated from Ramkhamheang University, majoring in English. I started working as a Logistics secretary with the Three Generation Barge Program in May 2008.

I love the sea. I enjoy swimming and snorkeling a lot.

I invite you to join our program to get in touch with the natural world and various environmental issues focusing on the conservation of natural resources to enhance sustainability in Thailand.

I'm very excited at the chance to offer you a trip with our unique boat or to natural places away from the river.

Let's have a great experience together!!

Th Noi (Wilaiwan Pochana) Head of Accounts

I have worked with barge program for more than ten years, and am the office accountant. I love nature, and feel that the environment should be clean in order to be healthy! Without fresh, clean air, we have no life. I also love to read and sing.

I have two young boys and feel that they should be able to grow up in a cleaner environment. I am a hard worker and very dedicated to the Barge Program!

Th Kung (Kanlaya Laison) Assistant Accounts

I like natural environments, natural beauty and clean waters. I like reading and being in the countryside.

Th Pichit (Pichit Tonglueam) Captain

Pichit has worked with the Barge since it's first journeys working his way up from crewman to Captain.

When he is not navigating the Chao Phraya, Pichit enjoys reading.

Th Pat (Supat Passada) Crewman

Hi everyone, my name is Pat. Previously I worked as the factory driver, but now I enjoy the freedom and independence of working at the Barge Program.

I love to play with my daughter in my free time. And my favorite food is Somtum (Thai papaya salad). I am from Buriram province.

Th Peet (Chaiwat Boonsom) Crewman

I like driving my motorbike and swimming in the river. I like the colour red and teaching students how to cook. I am a qualified life saver. It is interesting to work on Chao Phraya River.

Th Ann (Worarat Wangwang) Logistics Secretary

Hi everyone, my name is Ann. I was born in Chiang Rai in the North of Thailand. I graduated with a BA Degree in Library Sciences from Chiang Mai University and joined the barge program in 2018. It is a good chance to work with colleagues who are really concerned about the environment and we try to practice sustainably in the office and on trips as much as we can. We all carry our own reusable bags for shopping and say no to plastic bags! Its helps a lot to save our world and keep it clean. I love to see people care about nature.

If you have a chance, come and join us, you are very welcome!